ORU Worship

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From weekly chapel services, album recordings and conferences to other special events around the globe, ORU Worship captures the songs, creativity and passion of ORU. This dynamic worship team exists to bring a genuine heart of worship coupled with musical and creative excellence to every environment. 


Music Missions

Music Missions, Team Night

Although fully housed in the Missions office, teams receive practical training and team-building experienceS during Team Nights. Music Mission summer missions program, students have the opportunity to serve in other nations through leading worship, teaching workshops, evangelism, and practical ministry projects. Past teams have served in locations like India, Dubai, Brazil, Zimbabwe, South Korea, Dominican Republic, and Russia. Teams are assembled in the fall semester after department auditions. Teams fundraise throughout the year and often lead worship in local churches to gain experience and support. Trips are typically three or four weeks long. 

Souls A'Fire

Chapel, Campus Worship, Tour, Team Night

For over 40 years, this dynamic gospel group has brought the power of music ministry with a focus on inner city ministry. Through chapels and other on campus events, this group develops a diverse sound with additional travel across the nation. Members are trained by distinguished alumni and also participate in Team Night.


Prayer Movement

Prayer Tower Auditorium, Team Night


Prayer Movement is a student lead collective that corporately seeks the heart of Jesus through prayer and worship. Each set consists of a prayer team and worship team who on a weekly basis come together to engage the heart of the Lord. Prayer teams are assembled each semester. Worship teams are also assembled each semester and members are placed after an audition. Once formed, these teams are given access to rehearsal spaces and gain experience in leading worship amongst the ORU community. Prayer and Worship teams come together to receive training at Team Nights all throughout each semester.