Who Can Be Involved?

We invite all ORU students of any major that have a heart for worship and prayer to get involved in the various areas of our department. We do not base one's involvement in the department solely on musical proficiency or experience, but a certain level of skill is necessary in the music areas to ensure we are empowering and investing in the members of our department in the most intentional way.

What's the Difference Between the Worship Center and the Worship Arts Degree?

The Worship Center is a department on campus that oversees the ORU Worship team, Souls A'Fire, and Prayer Movement. All academic degrees are housed in the College of Music. The Worship Center is separate from the College of Music. Acceptance into either of these programs does not imply automatic entry into the other. You do not need to be a Worship Arts major to be involved in the Worship Center.

How Do I Get Involved?

Auditions to be involved in Prayer Movement, Music Missions, Souls A'Fire, and Team Night are held at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. At the end of the fall and spring semesters, students can audition for the ORU Worship team. Follow ORU Worship Center on Instagram for live updates regarding all areas of involvement!

How Do I Book an ORU Worship Center Team?

To book a Worship Center team, go to Booking and fill out the contact form to request a team. You can select the type of team you want so we can better address your needs! Ex: ORU Worship, Souls A'Fire, or Music Missions.


Who Has to Audition for Worship Center?

Every year, we ask all members of the Worship Center to audition. We ask new members to audition to express their interest in the department. We ask our returning members to audition to gauge improvement and express their re-involvement in the department.

How Do I Prepare for my Worship Center Audition?

Most importantly... don't stress! The audition will not be a high-pressure environment. First, find a song that will showcase your skill and make you feel confident. For singers, find a song that will show off your range and tone. For musicians, choose a song that will showcase your abilities. Next, know the lyrics and chords to your song. Preparation is key! Lastly, express your interest in the various areas of our department during your audition. We want to know what you are passionate about and how the Worship Center excites you. Don't know what we have to offer? Check out our Programs page!

What Do I Need to Bring to My Worship Center Audition?

If this is your first time auditioning, we have a $5 audition fee. This is only required once; at your very first department audition. First timers, remember to bring $5 to your audition. Singers, we have a microphone ready for you. All you need to bring is yourself. Drummers, a drum set will be available for you to use, but remember your drumsticks. Base and guitar players, bring your instrument. We will have an amp available for you to use. Keyboardists, a keyboard will be provided. If you are auditioning on any other instrument, please bring it with you.

How Do Video Auditions Work?

If you are a returning student, you will have the option to submit a video audition via our website instead of auditioning again in person.

How Do I Become a Member of the Worship Center Student Staff?

Staff applications for the upcoming academic year will be announced at Team Night during the spring semester. Prerequisites to apply for Worship Center Student Staff: students must be have at least one academic year's experience in the Worship Center, be involved in programs such as Prayer Movement, Music Missions and/or Chapel Choir, and have maintained consistent attendance at Team Night.

What is Prayer Movement?

Prayer Movement consists of student-led prayer and worship teams that lead sets in the Prayer Tower Auditorium every weeknight. Once formed, these teams are given access to rehearsal spaces and gain experience in leading worship amongst the ORU community by corporately seeking the heart of Jesus through prayer and worship. Our Prayer Movement teams come together to receive training at Team Nights that are hosted frequently throughout each semester.

What is ORU Worship?

ORU Worship is the primary team for the ORU Worship Center. ORU Worship leads at Chapel, Campus Worship, Empowered21, and Team Night. This dynamic worship team exists to bring a genuine heart of worship coupled with musical and creative excellence to every environment. Through tours, special events around the globe, and album recordings, ORU Worship captures the songs, creativity, and passion of ORU. You can access more information on the ORU Worship Instagram!

How Do I Get Involved in Prayer Movement?

To be involved in Prayer Movement, students should attend the first Team Night of the semester. Once involved in Prayer Movement for a full semester, students can apply for Prayer Movement leadership. Applications for Prayer Movement leadership are usually taken at the beginning of the fall semester at Team Night. Any ORU student is welcome to attend the prayer sets in the Prayer Tower auditorium every weeknight. You can access more information on the Worship Center Instagram!

How Can I Be A Part of the ORU Worship Team?

The heart of our department is to empower and equip those who are faithfully pursuing the calling of God for their life. The ORU Worship team is an extension of that vision and an opportunity to serve the student body. Every Spring semester, auditions are held for ORU Worship positions for the next year. Members are not only selected on the basis of talent, but also on how well they represent the department and university through everything they do: their character expressed through academics, relationships, and their personal pursuit of God.

What is Music Missions?

Students have the opportunity to serve in other nations by leading worship, teaching workshops, evangelism, and practical ministry projects. Although fully housed and operated in ORU's Missions & Outreach office, the Worship Center assists in the audition and placement process of Music Missions teams. For more questions regarding mission teams and Music Missions, please contact the Missions department by emailing


How Do I Get Information on ORU's Chapel?

Chapel is a time for the ORU community to engage in passionate worship and hear from dynamic speakers, such as President Wilson, Brian Houston, Lou Engle, and Christine Caine. Join us online or every Wednesday and Friday at 11AM in Christ's Chapel. Go to to watch live or find previous Chapel services on archive.

What is Team Night?

Team Night is held on Monday nights during the fall and spring semesters for our Worship Center community. Students gather together to worship, receive practical training, and grow in community. Trainings are offered on topics like facilitating a worship atmosphere, running effective rehearsals, songwriting, and the theology of worship.

Current Student FAQ

Who Can Use the Lowers Rehearsal Room?

Lowers is the Worship Center practice space located out of the double doors on the stage left side of the chapel stage. Music Missions, Prayer Movement, Campus Worship, Souls A' Fire, Team Night, and ORU Worship can all rehearse in Lowers. Any other event or activity that is not specifically under the department cannot use it. Example: Battle of the Bands, personal practice teams, etc.

How do I Reserve Lowers?

To reserve Lowers, email with the specific time you would like to reserve and team specifications, and we will get back to you!

What Equipment is Available for Me to Use?

Both Lowers and the Prayer Tower Auditorium have the equipment necessary for our programs. The equipment must remain in the rooms at all times and only be used by members of the department who are authorized to do so. Example: if you rehearse in Lowers, you must be trained before you use the soundboard. We do not lend our equipment unless it is directly requested by the university or authorized by our directors.

Can I Borrow Equipment for my Event?

Unfortunately, we do not allow our students to use our equipment unless it is specifically for a Worship Center event. If you are in need of equipment or instruments, we suggest yelling down your dorm hallways. We can guarantee someone on your floor has a guitar or cajon you can use.

Why Am I Not Getting the Planning Center Emails?

Email with your correct email, name, and phone number, and we will fix that for you!

How Do I Log Into Planning Center for the First Time?

You will receive a welcome email through Planning Center from our department. Click on the link "set password" and create a profile to use as your login information. To sign in after that, go to: and use the email you gave us as your username and the password you created.

How Do I Get Chord Charts from Planning Center?

Open and select the second option in the top menu that says "songs." On the left, there is a search bar to find a song title. Under the song title, you will find pdf and audio files.

When Am I Scheduled?

You will receive an email from Planning Center that tells you the date you are scheduled. To access the plan and find songs, log into Planning Center or click on the "See Plan" link on the email.

How Can I Serve On the Media or Behind the Scenes in Worship Center?

Go to and share your name, email, phone number, and the area you want to serve!

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